Scheduled Meetings:
First Monday of each month, 7:30pm, at the municipal building. (In the event of a Monday holiday, meeting is held the following Tuesday.)

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We salute and honor our World War II and Korean Conflict Veterans





Artice, George R.
Artice, Daniel M.
Bird, Junior
Bird, Oliver
Bird, Robert
Boyd, James R.
Burnworth, Earl
Butler, Cecil
Close, Merle E.
Coneway, Junior
Cooper, Robert
Cox, Dale
Crump, Eugene
Dean, Junior
Drummer, Harry
Drummer, Roy
Elias, John
Fearer, Clarence
Fearer, Wilbur
Fike, Elmer
Fike, Kenneth
Fike, Park
Fike, Vincent
Fike, Warren
Fisher, Harold
Fisher, Merle
Frazee, Frank
Frazee, Harold
Frazee, Howard
Frazee, Hugh
Frazee, Ralph R.
Frazee, Robert
Frazee, Wayne
Friend, Gary
Glover, Arthur
Glover, Harold
Glover, Robert
Glover, Russell
Glover, Stanley
Glover, Thomas

Hall, Charles
Herring, Milton H.
Humberson, Ervin
Humberson, Lary L.
Humberston, Clyde
Humberston, Elmer
Humberston, John
Humbert, Paul
Jenkins, Arnold
Jenkins, Donald
Jenkins, Homer
Jenkins, Playford
Lytle, Harry
Martin, Wade
Myers, George
Myers, Gilbert
Myers, Lawrence
Myers, Robert
Myers, William N. Jr
Miller, John
Pyle, James
Pyle, Jesse
Rechard, Junior E.
Rodahaver, H. H. Jr
Rodahaver, William D. Jr
Sechler, Roy W.
Seese, Jonas
Shirer, Harold W.
Shirer, Thomas R.
Tewell, Clyde M.
Thomas, Elmer P.
Thomas, J. B.
Turney, John Jr
Welch, Carlton
Wilson, Jesse
Workman, Frank
Workman, John
Workman, Lee
Workman, Raymond



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